Pinterest | Mad Science Fair 2018

Brand Identity | Event Design | Product Design | Animation 

For the last few years, Pinterest has made it a point to show off their engineering talent through a geeked-out science themed event called Mad Science Fair. This year was the most successful yet. 

Inspired by the company’s initiative to grow and make big leaps forward, we focused our sights on a space theme, one that had its roots in the pioneering that scientists and engineers from the past had done to pave the way for our engineers of today. As part of the Pinterest brand team, my creative director and I were responsible for ownership of all levels of design execution. 

Design collateral included a large scale stage wall vinyl wrap, posters, column art, die cut vinyl on glass, multi-screen animations, programming / attendee materials, keynote template, event space installiations including uplighting, overhead balloon clusters, moon lighting, and swag like pins, patches, socks

Event Animation
Easily the most rewarding part of this event was the stage wall vinyl I created, along with the animation loop I paired with it for the event. The wall being Misson Control, the animation being our journey into the unknown, this center piece was a show stopper. 

Client : Pinterest